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After graduating with a Bachelor Degree In Advertising Arts (with an emphasis in Graphic Design) in 1998, my professional life began in publication design. After moving to Austin in 2006, my career transitioned into a freelance designer. 

For over 20 years, I have worked in publication design and have been successful in producing other eye-catching marketing material such as posters, brochures, business collateral, packaging and other design projects. My motto for design is, “It doesn’t really matter how good or how cool the design is, if it doesn’t work for the client, it’s ‘unusable’.” Well I like to use another word, but I’ll let you fill in the blank there.

Whether it’s a corporate or alternative brand, I enjoy taking on the challenge. Every project is like a puzzle and that is what I enjoy most. In my design career I have had positions as an Art Director/Creative Director, Photo Stylist and even as an Editor (that was a long story).

Beyond graphic design my passions include art in all aspects of life. Interior design, creating art (mixed media, painting), music, cooking and film.


One of my passions is scary movies and the dark and gothic lifestyle. From that I created  a community based group promoting the local horror genre called Blood Over Texas. The group eventually transformed info a horror events production company which is active today.  We promote the people, artists, entertainers and monsters that make up our local horror scene here in Austin.  I am responsible for all design, marketing, and branding for Blood Over Texas.

I live in Austin with my wonderful boyfriend and our two adorable cats.

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